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A million dollars for the app that makes you say (only) "Yo"

Eight hours to develop the most minimalist instant messaging app ever, which has recently received an important investment

Yo App Preview

Often ours too more intense feelings, those that we can't wait to share with important people, can be summarized in one word. love? Felicit? Fear? No, Yo.

"Yo" the name of the iOS and Android application that recently received an investment ofmillion dollars, and "Yo" also the only audio message that those who use it can send to their contacts. Its inventor, Or Orbel, took 8 hours to develop the app, which since its launch dating back not surprisingly to April 1 has already attracted 50 thousand users that they exchanged about 4 million Yo.

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<p>Who are you asking? <strong><em>But why?</em></strong>, Orbel cos: Yo can improve relationships between people, because <strong>it simplifies in an extreme way</strong> their communications but leaves no room for <em>misunderstanding</em>, Since "<em>you understand the meaning of Yo depending on who sends it to you and when it sends it to you</em>".</p>
<p>"<em>Have you marked Italy?</em>" <strong>Yo</strong>. "<em>You miss me?</em>" <strong>Yo</strong>. "<em>You come home late</em>? ?Guess you.</p>
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