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10 Gmail extensions to increase your productivity

Gmail extensions: here is a list of email plug-ins you didn't know you needed but that can be really useful. They provide the information, tools and the ability to improve your productivity and make your life easier:

Gmail extensions : here is a list of Plug-in for email you didn't know you needed but that can be really useful.

Gmail extensions to increase your productivity

There is a reason why Gmail has become so popular: free, easy to use and constantly evolving and, moreover, Gmail offers further improvements through the use of extensions, which are optional upgrades, installed by the user that add new features or improve the existing functionality within the platform.

Here are some of the best Gmail extensions available

that provide information, tools and the ability to improve your productivity and make your life easier:

Gmail extensions

Gmail Metrics

How much time do you really spend on e-mails? Probably more than you think. With Gmail Metrics you can get valuable information about your habits with email, including how much time you spend writing and reading and the number of emails you send and receive every day, as well as to whom. the first step to master the productivity of electronic mail and even more valuable if used to monitor the productivity of your team's email. One of the three most useful Gmail extensions.


Boomerang the Gmail extension allows you to set up a "boomerang" on the e-mails you send, which reminds you if they don't answer you after a certain period of time. the perfect tool to prevent conversations, such as those with employees, colleagues, suppliers, customers and vendors, from falling into nothingness.


A'Gmail extension geared towards sales teams, Streak lets you turn Gmail into an interactive CRM. It may take some time to get used to the new mailbox layout, but it allows you to organize the funnel sales, track and manage contacts, set reminders for follow-up and appointments and collaborate on various activities.


Todoist aGmail extension designed to transform e-mail into a complete activity management system. It is possible to convert all e-mails into individual activities, which can be aggregated and checked, one by one, until the goals for the day or week are reached. If you find it hard to keep your inbox free from confusion, or if you often miss the answers, this is the extension for you.


ActiveInbox another app, including Gmail extensions, which allows you to turn all messages into tasks, which you can then sort, organize, prioritize and track to make sure you get things done. You can group activities into projects and measure your effectiveness, not to mention make sure you leave nothing incomplete or neglected.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

One of the most interesting Gmail Extensions previously known as Rapportive, this is an email extension for sellers, or anyone who wants to learn more about who is receiving emails. Track information on all your email contacts, automatically linking them to social media sites to enter details that may be relevant to your work. If you are particularly forgetful, or if you only need more details to do your job well, it is a very useful tool.


If you are tired of to sign documents by printing them, signing them and then scanning or dealing with document managers, HelloSign is ideal for you. It allows users to sign documents directly from Gmail, without requiring additional steps, one among the Gmail Extensions that saves time.


If you like to save time with shortcuts, check out the Gmail KeyRocket extension. KeyRocket observes all your actions in Gmail and when you perform an action that could be performed faster with a keyboard shortcut, it warns you. a quick way to learn all the shortcuts that Gmail has to offer.


Have you ever sent an email with a typing error embarrassing? Among the most sought after are precisely the Gmail extensions to avoid embarrassing figures. Ginger make sure that it never happens again; the extension controls the grammar, spelling, punctuation and overall structure of the sentence. It also offers limited translation capabilities for 40 different languages. a Gmail extension that allows you to write emails to plan and send at any time in the future. You can also send reminders to the follow up with your main contacts and see if and when your emails are read.

Spend at least half your day managing, sending and reading emails, so why not make the most of them? Use these Gmail extensions to optimize your experience and spend more time on activities that are more relevant to your skills. Many Gmail extensions are free or offer a free trial for a limited time, so what do you have to lose in experimenting?