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Youtube: desktop streaming arrives without an encoder

Youtube streaming desktop without encoder for everyone. Youtube has launched a new feature that will allow video creators to start a live streaming from the web cam without downloading the encoding software.

YouTube streaming desktop without encoder. Youtube has launched a new feature that will allow video creators to start a live streaming from web cam without downloading the encoding software, which can be complicated to configure. Now, the streamer can click on the "go live" button in the YouTube header to start streaming or visit the URL. No additional configuration will be required, says the company.

The currently available function only on the browser Google Chrome, but it expands to other browsers over time.

YouTube Streaming Desktop, what changes for users

Before today, users of YouTube they had to use the coding software to capture content and send it to YouTube for broadcast live.

The new function designed to make the process easier and faster live streaming from desktop, which could potentially allow more YouTube users to take advantage of the functionality.

The first tests with YouTube desktop streaming

YouTube has already tested an earlier version of the software with some creators, including RawBeautyKristi, who used it for a beauty tutorial, saying "normally, you need this c or o encoder … now much easier in this way. Now I think it will use live streaming much more often with this tool. "

Curtiss King TV used it to update fans and Kens Kreations tested it for product reviews.

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr announced the news of the new live video tool on his YouTube channel.

YouTube Streaming desktop: a bustling market

The addition of the new function comes at a time when the market of the live streaming it is heating up, with competitors like Twitch for gaming-related streams, Periscope on Twitter and Facebook Live, all running to grab a slice of the market. Facebook, in particular, has targeted the community of creators.

YouTube states that the new feature web camstreaming desktop just one of the many ways in which it intends to make it easier to publish online by creators in the future.

YouTube Streaming desktop: the agreements

The company has also entered into agreements with various device manufacturers including Asus, LG, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung that will add a live streaming feature directly to their camera apps on certain future devices in the coming months. The functionality, which exploits the new deep link of YouTube Mobile Live, should arrive on other devices during the year.

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