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You want the BitTorrent client to download and play video files

If you are looking for a way to download torrent files and share them peer to peer, you cannot not know VuzetheBitTorrent clientamong the best in circulation, which in addition to searching for torrent files on the web, allows you to directly play the video files downloaded in the application. The Vuze program maintains a light and easy to use footprint, and does not slow down the computer by downloading quickly. torrent file.

Vuze available for Windows and Mac. After searching for your torrent file, Vuze the BitTorrent client makes it easy to download torrents and automatically optimize the torrent download speed. The download manager allows you to view the status of each of your BitTorrent downloads. Once the torrents are downloaded, Vuze makes it easier and easier to watch and listen to the content you have downloaded.

Through the search box of Vuze, you can quickly search for files and perform these three functions:

  • Search for files on the web
  • Wait for the download to complete
  • Play the downloaded file directly.

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<p>The fantastic thing about <strong>Vuze</strong>  the acceleration of file downloads, which allows you to download them quickly, even remotely. In fact they can be downloaded from any computer or portable device that is provided with an internet connection.<b>Vuze</b> has in the remote download mode that allows you to download directly from the web.</p>
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