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Yahoo! acquires Blink, Snapchat's "rival"

With Blink you send messages and decide when they will self-destruct: the app will be closed and the team that created it will become part of Yahoo!

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<p><strong>Self-destructing messages</strong>in a beating showers: this, and will be for a while, the iOS and Android Blink messaging app, acquired by Yahoo !. The terms of the operation are not known precisely: what is sure that Blink will close its doors in the coming weeks and that its team of seven people, including founders Kevin Stephens (with a past signed Google, YouTube and Apple) and Michelle Norgan, <strong>will join the big company</strong> led by Marissa Mayer to take care of smart communication.</p><div class=

Send photos, recordings and videos (but also drawings, stickers or simple text) e decide how long your message will be visible to the recipient before he disappears from the face of the Earth: commended by Stephens in the post announcing the acquisition, Blink born to help people communicate online with the same freedom and spontaneity as a chat in person. The app made its way into a decidedly crowded market, which seesSnapchatas the undisputed queen: launched more than a year ago for iOS, passing on Android already 100 thousand users they had chosen Blink for their most ephemeral communications.

On the other hand, the choice of Sunnyvale doesn't surprise us: a few days ago Marissa Mayer has confirmed the centrality of the mobile for the Yahoo! business, and Blink is certainly not the first start-up to be targeted by the company. We look forward to discovering how the Blink team will be enhanced in the new context: this time we hope it is not about self-destruction, but about evolution.


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