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Xiaomi Mi Fit: improved user experience and notifications fix Me Band 4 on iOS 13

Xiaomi has released a new and important update for the iOS version of Mi Fit, the app for the management of wearable devices of the Chinese company that goes to the 4.0.12 release on the App Store.

The protagonist of this new update is once again the Mi Band 4 (HERE our review with advice on customization), the best known Xiaomi smartband that has been suffering from some problems regarding the receipt of notifications on iOS 13.

The solution to these problems would seem to have been found by Xiaomi herself, which in the specific official changelog that for receive notifications and call alerts you will need to activate the option "Share system notifications"in Settings> Bluetooth.

Similar problems – even in this case resolved (HERE for more information) – they had been reported in recent weeks also on the new Android 10 distribution and more particularly by smartphone users with MIUI 11 software customization.

The latest version of Mi Fit for iOS is already available for download on the App Store.

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