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With Screens 4.0 you can manage your Mac remotely from iPad and iPhone

manage your Mac remotely from iPad

Are you away from the computer and need access to some important documents? Do you have to copy something from your Mac and paste it on your iPad? The Edovia development team, thanks to the application Screens, made remote viewing a simple and easy task for everyone. You can easily manage your Mac remotely from iPad and iPhone.

Manage your Mac remotely from iPad and iPhone with Screen

Previously, remote viewing was very complicated and reserved for computer experts. With the spread of tablets, any user, through an app, can now view anything on the mobile device remotely on the desktop. Let's see how possible.

Configuration and installation

  • First download ScreensControl your Computer Remotelyfrom the App Store at a cost of 17.99 and install it on your iOS device.
  • Considering that the desktop client for now not available on the Mac App Store, this must be downloaded on the Mac directly from the Edovia developer's website and then install the pkg file. To complete the operation, it must be created. Screens Connect account and confirm by email.

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<p>If you prefer to manually configure the router, preventing a <strong>Screens Connect</strong> to do it automatically, users can specify which port will be used during the connection. From the advanced user profile you can manually set a public VNC port and the public SSH port. If not, <strong>Screens</strong> <strong>Connect</strong> will take care of the mapping automatically.</p>
<p>Without any app setup <strong>Screens</strong>, the application takes care of automatically finding the Mac after setting up the desktop client. The Mac listed as a nearby computer, but also remote computers will be listed in the same section. Even if the Mac is local, in the Connect client screens, you need the password.</p>
<h3><span class=usability

"Fluid" the best way to describe Screens. The simple and easily manipulated interface. Extremely high refresh rate, but it will not be possible to reproduce without lag movies or applications with many animations. Also, the audio will not be transmitted from the Mac to the iOS device. Apart from these limitations, all the operations I performed from the iPad on the Mac connected via Wi-Fi turned out to be perfect.

After configuring correctly Screens Conect, it is possible to recall from the sleep state the Mac, so that, if we were away from home with the Mac in standby, using the app via 3G / LTE network can "wake up" the Mac and control it from a distance. If you have set a password on your Mac to log in, don't worry, because when you reactivate it via iPhone or iPad, a popup window will appear in which you can enter your credentials to log in. After logging in, you will have a series of commands to manage your Mac.


This guide does not want to present an endless list of commands, therefore, for further information, I suggest you read the guide proposed by the developers that you can find at this link. In short, the application was designed for 64-bit processors, has been redesigned to be compatible with iOS 7 and universal, so it can be installed on both iPhone and iPad. ICloud will also help you keep the two devices in sync.

The connection through Screens secure, as it uses SSH keys. Moreover, thanks to the full screen mode, you can take advantage of all the space available on your device. The possibility of transferring images, documents or copied text between connected devices is very useful. For example, you can open a folder on your Mac, select an image and drag it to iPad to attach it to iMessage. These operations are feasible in both directions (from iOS to Mac or from Mac to iOS), and users can use AirDrop during the copy / paste process.

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<p>To make the navigation more pleasant, a series of gestures have been inserted, which you can consult directly on this page. Moreover, for the more advanced users, URL schemes have been made available.</p>
<h3><span class=Conclusions

Ultimately, I think this application has all the requirements to establish itself as the best of its kind. The very simple initial setup, thanks to the dedicated app for iOS and Mac. In addition, for more advanced users, the app provides some additional tools, such as the ability to manually set up remote communication. The negative aspect of the service is its cost. To spend $ 36.59 you really need to use your Mac remotely. I therefore believe that the price makes the app suitable for professional use, therefore usable by professionals who need to access their Mac even while they are traveling.