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Windows Media Player, best Mac support

Perhaps someone would say "And that we care", maybe someone else might not even be happy at all, but the news c ': Microsoft has decided to offer better support to the Mac world also on Windows Media Player (WMP). The Microsoft standard for the reproduction of movies and music streaming on the Web until today, less than mediocre in its version for MacOs. Besides being perpetually in beta, it was full of bugs and presented a list of incompatibilities more similar to a telephone directory than to a "Read me". "It is true – says Geordie Wilson, Product Manager of Microsoft's digital media division – we have had development and stability problems, but now we are working to overcome them. We have set up a team that will work to close a final version 6.3 by the summer. " Wilson justified the lack of adequate support for the Mac world with the fact that with WMP in fact an extension of Windows and therefore the focus has always been mainly on that side. To have a complete product that has also a formal aspect compatibility with the Mac world Microsoft invites us to be patient until the beginning of next year with version 7.0. We remember with WMP, in many cases for sites and realities close to Microsoft, also the only system to access content in straming not available. n in RealVideo n in QT. A situation that could become radicalized with the inclusion of the software that will be implemented with WindowsMe directly at the operating system level.