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Windows 8.1 – This is why it is convenient to install the new version of Windows

The Windows revolution can be considered complete. Microsoft's latest update completes that change process started last year with Windows 8 and ended with the exit of Windows 8.1, fixing some obvious gaps that emerged in the previous version. It is normal when you turn the page, go through these evolutionary processes and start to write a new story, in our case, of what was the most used, most loved and hated operating system on the computer planet.

Windows 8.1

Microsoft Windows 8 has turned 360 degrees, rewriting the graphic interface and rewriting the entire operating system, adapting it to new technologies such as touch screan and the cloud, the mobile system and communication between different devices. All this had to respond to the need for a system that needed to provide greater security and speed and was more intuitive and streamlined. With Windows 8.1 it intervened more on the graphic interface, rejected since the release of the previous version due to the complexity of some functions that up to Windows 7 were easy to use. The elimination of the Start button not already gone to Windows aficionados, who no longer knew where to head to find files, folders or settings that they previously had at hand. Evidently the revolution was not understood or not explained well by Microsoft. In practice, the osmosis on innovation that Windows 8 was introducing did not work, so many users returned to Windows 7 or never switched to Windows 8.

With Windows 8.1, Microsoft wants to reconcile with its more traditional users, introducing a series of variations that make the hybrid system, that is, on the one hand maintaining all the scope of the innovations and on the other, recalling some functions of the old operating system.

Now let's see the new features introduced in the Windows 8.1 version.

To download the update for free you need to have one original copy of Windows 8 installed on the PC, go to Windows Store and click on the update, which automatically starts the software download and installation process of about 3GB. No user intervention is required, except for entering a few data and choosing a few settings.

The Start button appears even if in another form

After installing Windows 8.1 and entering for the first time, you will see an arrow indicating the presence of the long-awaited in the lower left corner Start button. Just move the mouse arrow to the lower left corner and the Windows icon appears. Click to access the Start button options. Not the classic button, it comes with a new graphic look but performs the same functions as the classic one. It has a dual function, if you click with the left mouse button, appears as a shortcut to reach the Modern UI directly, from where to launch the applications.

Windows 8.1 a

Instead, if you press the right mouse button, the most common advanced options appear, from the control panel, to the network, to the execution of commands in the Prompt. Also, by pressing the down arrow, you can view all the apps in the system instead of the classic Tile screen. The application window can also be ordered by frequency of use or by category.

Windows 8.1 b

To complete the description of the new features of the Start button, we also highlight the direct boot option to the Desktop mode and the options on the toolbar where the most used apps can be placed. Clicking instead on the Toolbar with the right mouse button, the options related to the windows, the Activity Management and the Properties are opened. Now you can use it as it was used with Windows 7 and XP.

Windows 8.1 c

Modern UI more customizable

Windows 8.1 confirms the use of the operating system not only with the mouse and keyboard, but also with the touch and most of the innovations introduced by the update concern precisely the interface Modern UI. The main new features are:

Possibility of resize the tiles (although not yet possible for all applications) on four different sizes: small, medium, large and very large.

The larger size is more useful for capturing at a glance the outcome of the app (forecasts, appointments, stock indexes) without the need to open the application.

Windows 8.1 d

The possibility for the Tile to be moved, organized in groups, assigning to the background, the same one assigned to the Desktop to give a chromatic continuity between the two environments, something that was not foreseen in Windows 8.

Windows 8.1

For users in difficulty with the new interface, Microsoft has seen fit to activate a series of on-screen suggestions, using clearly visible arrows that appear on the screen.

The windows are reviewed

With Windows 8.1 you can split the screen into windows to view multiple applications simultaneously. Remember the old windows before Windows 8? It was possible to open as many windows as you wanted. Now this possibility has returned.

Window opening is handled differently if it is a mobile device or a PC screen. On a small device like a notebook, two apps can be added in Split Screen mode (50/50), while on a desktop it is also possible to manage 4 apps together. Windows 8.1 provides multiscreen management with the possibility of connecting a Miracast TV, choosing to move the Movie application window to the TV.

Windows 8.1 g

Bing helps in the integrated search on the computer

This is one of the most interesting innovations, that of using the power of Bing to make one search within the computer or individual applications. When entering an entry in the field of Search placed in the right sidebar, you can get the results from different sources and integrate them inside the interface. If you search for a singer, the search shows his profile, the direct link to the videos, the general information, the discography and the photos, concentrating all the information in a single interactive screen, integrating also the Music and Video services to access songs and music videos on Microsoft networks.

Windows 8.1 h

SkyDrive, synchronization in the cloud

Through Pc Setting ->SkyDrive the user has at his disposal a control panel to manage all the synchronizations, files, apps and system settings. From any other device on which installed Windows 8.1, you can open your own files, apps and installed programs. This feature synchronizes desktops, notebooks and tablets as is already the case with Apple devices.

Windows 8.1 i

And a system that looks at bandwidth and space savings. SkyDrive provides only a small preview and file icon, activating the complete download only when the user decides to download the file. The other good news that SkyDrive integrated in the system and therefore in every app, and the user can choose whether to save the file on the computer disk or on the cloud.


The first thing to say that Windows 8.1 must be downloaded absolutely, because greatly improves the experience of using the operating system, in all respects.

For those who have used Windows, and I think there are few that do not make it in their lives, the lack that is felt more management center of all the files on your computer. That is, a place that was previously called Explorer, where it is possible to copy, move and group files and folders. From where possible, with simplicity, take files from external units or copy to external storage.

Windows 8.1 lHowever, for more details on the various functions, you can consult the Windows 8.1 guide typing in the box Search for placed in the box App, typing"Guide", or by going to Settings in the bar on the right and select Guide for that online.