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Why does Shazam care about music majors?

Warner, Universal and Sony invest a total of 9 million dollars in Shazam: that's why the popular app to recognize music tracks is of great interest to the major record companies

a few days ago the news, reported by Wall Street Journal, of the investment made by three of the major record labels in the world: Warner, Universal is Sony make their entry among the financiers of Shazam with a share of 3 million dollars each.

It seems that the operation was carried out by all 3 groups through the same English fund, Acacia Capital, which has long been looking for investors on behalf of Shazam Entertainment.


The quota of the three majors would still be minority (less than 2%) compared to 500 million dollars of value that at the moment are attributed to Shazam by some commentators, but would allow to take full advantage of this investment thanks to a very profitable partnership.

Shazam in fact today one of the most used tools in the world for discover songs and artists directly from your smartphone, and in the last year has led to the music industry profits of nearly $ 300 million from the online purchase of tracks recognized by the app (which benefits from an integration with iTunes, with Spotify and with the main social networks): a precious tool of marketing is data acquisition for a recording industry whose classic sales channels are increasingly in crisis.

The news in Shazam seems to have just begun: lapp has crossed the line of gods 90 million active users every month, and according to some rumors it is going to collect partnerships and investments for a possible IPO in the second part of the year. What to say, better to listen.


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