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WhatsApp and data sharing with Facebook: the European sentence

Completed the investigations against WhatsApp to clarify the question concerning the transfer of data of its users to Facebook: truce established until the coming of the GDPR.

The United Kingdom Privacy Guarantor has established an agreement with WhatsApp in relation to the delicate topic of data exchange with the major Facebook Inc .: here's what was established.

Whatsapp Facebook data

now known for a long time how companies are hungry for data to capture the desires and needs of people and tease them with targeted advertisements. And when the potential customer to provide this personal information, the question becomes even more tempting: the case of conversations on WhatsApp, which has aroused suspicion since the beginning of the merger with Facebook.

Not a few users, in fact, complained at the time of displaying advertising banners on Facebook in relation to products they had talked about earlier in a conversation with a friend on WhatsApp, but to date the issue has never been completely clarified.

WhatsApp data processing and sharing with Facebook

To establish whether it was legal for the data collected by WhatsApp to be fined in the past for letting its users understand that the consent to data sharing was mandatory and necessary for the use of the app, in August 2016 an investigation was opened by the ICO (Information Commissioner Office).

Specifically, the Privacy Guarantor wanted to see clearly in this data exchange between the two companies, which are now part of the same group as Menlo Park, both for commercial purposes that for security issues of users.

As reported by TechCrunch, the investigations have now been completed and the verdict issued by the ICO is clearer than ever: WhatsApp will not be able to transfer the data of its users to Facebook, at least until the entry into force of the GDPR, next May 25. At the moment, therefore, the company absorbed by Facebook has not been sanctioned and will not have to pay further fines, since, as amply demonstrated by the party in question, the passage of data to Facebook has never been completed, just to avoid getting in trouble with the European authorities.

The sentence of the Privacy Guarantor

Investigation proceeding culminating in an agreement signed by WhatsApp, which foresees the company's commitment not to share its users' data with Facebook not only within the limits of the English territory, but also in the whole of Europe. At least, until the coming of GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, that do not prohibit data exchange among companies, rather I will have the task of regulating it according to precise criteria that allow users to obtain greater transparency on the use of their digital data.

In light of these events, users of the popular instant messaging application will have to expect once again a change in the terms of use of the service following a secure update of WhatsApp's privacy policy.