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War at Home: Battlefield 4 vs. Call of Duty: Ghosts (Part 2)

As promised last week, here we are for the second part of the battle between the two most popular shooters of the year. Battlefield 4 is Call of Duty: Ghosts. Both are now out and ready to be judged by everyone.

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At the stand ofActivision, of the Gamesweek 2013, they didn't have a console available for the press and so I had to settle for assisting from the giant screens to the game of others, with the privilege of conversing with some developers of the title itself (as well as in the past of World at War is Black Ops). So in addition to giving me a general idea of ??the game I had direct explanations from those who have the features just think about it, what luck!

Breathtaking scenes

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<p>I discovered, talking to these characters, that to <strong>Infinity Ward</strong> they do not refer to other manufacturers for graphic and physical engines, but have their own engine they call <strong>Cod Engine</strong> which covers all the roles and which is updated every two or three titles. 2013 marks a big leap, in fact they have implemented a lot of it, both to stay with the increasing demands for realism required by the public and to take advantage of the performances allowed by the new consoles. This new engine promises great things: the maps show themselves to be finished with an enormous amount of polygons and without a trace of aliasing, cared for down to the smallest landscape or atmospheric detail.</p>
<p>Once again as an answer to the exaggerated maps of <strong>Battlefield 4</strong>, Activision focuses on cinema action. Have you ever been inside a pipe falling into the abyss or participating in a firefight between coral reef fish? C an amazing single player map called <i>Into the Deep</i> which takes place entirely in the water, where the mission consists in knocking down an aircraft carrier ship with a guided manual torpedo. Once sunk, the place where the shot was fired starts to collapse due to the displacement of water and you have to run through the falling debris, from bolts to entire helicopters. Anyone who has dived can report the sensations that are seen and felt in the performance of the mission: at times I felt the chill of cold water behind my back as I pass in the dombra areas, from which we always expect something deadly to come out! I had never seen such a quantity of moving objects on the screen, interacting with the difficult conditions of underwater light and creating an environment where everything flows between the bubbles and makes the fish escape, or falls with a thud on the bottom raising clouds of powder.</p>
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<p>It is an engine that shows the muscles when the player is placed in adrenaline sequences and these are not lacking in the single campaign. On another occasion I was shown, for example, to witness the collapse of a church in a crevasse, done in a truly captivating way. But other episodes see us fighting on the rooftops between helicopters moving and fireworks explosions, facing enemies inside a gravity-free space station or going down a steel wire between two buildings, leaving the cable to the last and crashing against the windows. The judgment on lights and visual effects is gathered in two words: pure adrenaline!</p>
<h3><span class=A little ninja a little Rambo

Unlike the fracassone Battlefield 4, where to hit an opponent behind a wall it is best to knock down the wall, the gameplay remains in the mold of silent actions. The tendency of dialogues to whisper type phrases take care of the one on the right. Then a couple of shots to the silencer on the enemy's neck and off to face the next patrol. From tactical sequences on tiptoe, where most of the enemies are disposed of, one generally arrives at a daring final, full of collapses, explosions and adrenaline-filled sequences like those already presented before. Very interesting element Riley, a playful German shepherd who cuts through the throats, which can be partially driven. It has a typical camera GoPro on the back that allows the player to share the view of the dog while remaining in the shoes of the soldier who watches from a screen; obviously he can be given orders, dabbaiare to attract attention, thus isolating the enemy soldiers, attacking the throat.

It must be said that this dog still moves quite rigidly in animations, but it has a good charm and represents a pretty good tactical element. The cucciolone can also be used in action sequences: a glass is shattered with the elbow and imparted Riley, send them out! (more or less); the dog jumps into the broken glass, barking and confused shouts follow, the door bursts and the enemies run away in disorder to end up in the pair of Ghost stationed outside. Extremely fast, enough to require a slow motion animation to allow the player to aim with precision.

Phantom troops

The plot, very briefly and without spoilers: dear old America sends Odin in space, a weapon for self-defense, which does nothing but project giant pylons from space (as in G. I. Joe, the one that destroys London for example). Clearly the terrorists are able to take possession of the space base and break down American defenses, before the weapon destroys itself. Without the latter, the US becomes an easy prey to all conceivable enemies that immediately attack its coasts.

In the midst of the international conflict, i Ghosts, super-trained soldiers whose militia plays the part. The part dedicated to the multiplayer always large and articulated, focused on the actions of the individual more than in the team game. Clear that a collaboration c: le killstreak they are even more numerous and varied than the previous chapters and substantially change the type of game that is played on the map; so having a good teammate helps a lot, but the close cooperation seen in is lacking Battlefield. THEUAV been changed to a physical component that is placed on the map, even in more than one unit and remains until it is found and destroyed by enemy troops.

Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-Multiplayer-screenshot-Maniac-Blindside "width =" 461 "height =" 259 "srcset =" // -Duty-Ghosts-Multiplayer-screenshot-Maniac-Blindside-1024x576.jpg 1024w, // Blindside-520x293.jpg 520w, // 150w, // www. 300w, // /11/Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-Multiplayer-screenshot-Maniac-Blindside-768x432.jpg 768w, // Multiplayer-screenshot-Maniac-Blindside-640x360.jpg 640w, // 980w, // -content / uploads / 2013/11 / Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-Multiplayer-screenshot-Maniac-Blindside.jpg 1500w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 461px) 100vw, 461px "/></p>
<p><em>Theres the Blitz!</em> one of the programmers told me, introducing me to a new game mode, where basically the soldiers asked to run to reach a spot near the opposing spawn area, jumping in to score a point. Mod similar to the classic <strong>Capture the flag</strong>, but with a very particular trend in the game dictated by the new dynamic maps. With great pride, when activision showed me how in the middle of the game, without interruption of the game, we have the dynamic sequence: a missile crashes on the map totally upsetting the previous positions. No consolidated routes, therefore, you can only count on your virtual legs! The maps are really varied and some of considerable extension, with spots that will guarantee the fun of snipers, a little out of the standards imposed by the previous Cod, therefore. The fact remains that in the short range the possibility of sending Riley and the shotgun are the masters.</p>
<h3><span class=A difficult choice

You will have seen how in Battlefield I focused more on the aspect of the multiplayer while in cod in the individual's campaign, but the one that struck me most about the two titles in 2013. Can a general verdict be drawn up? No, in my opinion choosing the best impossible. They are simply different games. The path taken by the Activision that of creating solitary samples, characters that with a killstreak change the fate of a game, with a gameplay brought to fast action: a place where those with the most agile hand survive. I'd call it the realm of technical skills. There IT'S AT answers with the realm of tactical abilities: high destructibility, close collaboration and strong specialization force a strategy game, with maps that do not give any security to campers but also allow long-range play. A place for people with great decision-making abilities rather than fighting skills or for close-knit and coordinated teams. The battle then ends in nothing, because armies fight on different fields. To fight! Some unsuspected names are in fact emerging to create competition in the field of FPS and promise to take away large slices of the public. I'm really curious to see the last one Killzone, Titanfall, Destiny and other

The real battle has not yet been fought!

Here you will find the first part of the article.