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Video games from the 1980s: the Internet Archive brings them to light for free

The 80s videogames are back thanks to the Handheld History Collection: a new section of the Internet Archive that offers access to about sixty 80s portable video games, free. These are portable or single-game table devices that marked the youth of the 1980s and 1990s.

THE 1980s video games they made a generation dream, they were the first revolution that the generations of the 70s have experienced.

80s video games to download for free

Today the 80's video games are back. It is called the Handheld History Collection and a new section of the Internet Archive that offers access to about sixty old portable video games. – those are portable consoles. It is about portable or single-game table devices that look more like toys. The collection includes old games che have marked the young of the the 80s and 90s.

80s video games

80s portable video games

Surely you will recognize some of these devices that have been very fashionable, for example the Tamagotchi or Simon. Others are decidedly more exotic. I can only imagine how many afternoons were spent in flea markets and pawnshops in search of these things of the past. Did you know that there was a Mortal Kombat handheld made by Tiger Electronics in the 1990s? Even if you've never played it, you can now emulate it in the browser.

Video game emulator of the 1980s and 1990s

Emulating the primitive hardware of these games understandably difficult and in some cases it involves the destruction of the device itself. For example, some wallpapers are integrated in the same LED display. For the game to look like the real one, the display must be separated and scanned.

List of videogames from the 1980s

This is the last of the constant efforts of the Internet Archive to make everything rememberable in the browser. It has already emulated some of the most popular DOS games of the past. For the moment, the collection has only about 60 emulated devices available. Jason Scott, a contributor to the Internet Archive, said on Twitter that other emulators should be added as the nodes are resolved.

Internet Archive brings back portable 80s electronic games