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Twitter, multiple photos and tag of friends also on Android

The news, already released for the iOS version just released for Android devices too

(Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

The road taken by Twitter clear: increase sharing features offers from the latest version of the app on mobile devices. As for iPhone users, Android smartphone owners can now post up to four snapshots in the same tweet, tagging up to ten friends.

The addition of fundamental tags to increase interactions, given that citing acquaintances does not erode the 140 characters of the tweet, which are always available to the user; once identified in a photo, a specific informative notification is received (obviously the modifiable setting).

Thanks to the second new feature, tweeters can also post a collage of (up to) four photos and organize it as they please. The tweets accompanied by multiple photos they are also visible on and can be embedded; the same is true for tweets with tags.

To take advantage of these features, just download the latest version of the app for iPhone or Android.


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