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Transmeta still too slow

Perhaps Crusoe and its Transmeta processor will also have a great future, but for now the performance of the chip specifically designed for laptops and an alternative to Intel / AMD does not have much hope of being able to compete in terms of performance with the competition. from Compaq that has officially declared during the recent PC Expo in New York that for now the processors of Crusoe will not be adopted because they "still need a maturing process and a small part of this process will have to lead to an increase in performance" Also shared by Dell that, despite being impressed by the stability, low power consumption and size of the chip, it believes that its performance cannot yet be compared with that of the x86 generation processors. IBM itself, which has already announced Transmeta-based laptops, he said that for now he does not plan to release machines with the processor, this "at least up to when they will not offer speeds comparable to those of the chips of Intel and AMD. " In fact, Transmeta bases most of its functionality on an x68 emulation code called Code Morphing which can be updated. The upgrading takes place like that of flash roms and allows, in addition to improving performance, also to repair bugs and add new features. According to Crusoe's marketing director Ed McKernan, this can improve the speed of the processor several times during the life of a machine. The update will be made available to hardware manufacturers who will decide, based on their market needs, whether to make it available to their customers or not.