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Three for one

Three for one

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Not only would Apple's mouse have an ergonomic shape (or Chinese torture, depending on your point of view) but it would also be able to emulate a multi-button mouse having, in fact, only one button. To launch the hypothesis once again AppleInsider, decidedly unleashed in elaborating theses (some of them frankly very imaginative) on the new input device of Apple. . The three keys would then be "emulated" in this way: first way to click: lateral pressure; second way from the other downwards; third way side pressure and pressure from top to bottom.AppleInsider takes advantage of the resumption of the hot topic "new mouse" also to point out that those who (as the writer) pointed out that a mouse is so gibbous and also with a thumb recess , in fact, it would have required the production of a version for right-handed and one for left-handed people is wrong. "The 3D sketch does not account for the true shape of the mouse, which is much less sharp and in circulation there are also simple and smooth versions". One way to say: do not expect it to be that way?

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