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The sword of Damocles

The sword of Damocles

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Could the incompatibility of the expansion standards be the ball and chain of the PDA? The suspect, already addressed in a Macity article a few days ago, has now become more legitimate than ever after Palm and Sony have officially announced that their two handhelds , identical in the operating system, will use systems for connecting peripherals and additional modules that are not compatible. To this very unpleasant news is also added the certainty that none of the contenders in the PalmOs user standard are compatible with each other, since Handspring also uses the proprietary Springboard module. "The situation would not be worrying – declares David Thor, a ReserarchPortal analyst – if the issue was simply the incompatibility between the various handhelds. But the most serious aspect of this market trend is that peripherals risk being incompatible, as well as the media ". The concern concerns, in addition to the compatibility, also the costs. The pulverization of the standards that concerns the entire sector of pocket computers will not help lowering prices. "For now it is not a real problem – Thor still declares to C / Net – but as the market expands the level of tolerance on incompatibilities on the part of the users is lowered and at that point the users and the companies that develop third-party products will make a choice ". Which still very difficult to say.

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