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The software that draws animations with you

It's called Autocomplete Hand-drawn Animations, presented at Siggraph Asia 2015

Kobe, Japan. The conference on digital graphics and interactive illustration techniques Siggraph Asia 2015 concludes on 5 November. Autocomplete Hand-drawn Animations; the guided design software – which you see in the video designed to reduce the workload of professional and amateur illustrators.

Jun Xing, Li-Yi Wei, Takaaki Shiratori, Koji Yatani describe their system: Manual design is a form of art and a communication tool of great value, but complex. This is why we have designed a system that helps people create manual frame-by-frame animations. We have designed a minimal interface, we find the canvas and a handful of colors. When the designer starts drawing, our system analyzes the previous sketches and predicts how they could move in space. The interface can also recommend the already set drawings, by default.

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