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The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 explained in 10 gifs

Qualcomm's new processor promises to be the most powerful on the market. Here's what they can do

New York – High numbers and percentages: as soon as presented by Qualcomm, the new Snapdragon 820 unmicrochip that contains many of the main functions of a smartphone and without a doubt more powerful, more efficient and less subject to heating compared to its predecessors.

But what is it really for? What can you do? Let's find out in ten, simple animated points, thanks to the demos seen in preview at the official New York event.

Photos and videos, even in the dark

Thanks to the double ISP (Image signal processor) called Spectra, the new Snapdragon manages to capture brighter images with less noise, even in low light conditions, without missing a frame.

Fly on the Net

Thanks to the new LTE and Wi-Fi modems, with downloads up to 600 Mbps and uploads at 150 Mbps, the Snapdragon 820 will allow devices in which it will be integrated to grind megabits at high speed, managing, for example, two video streams at 4K quality simultaneously.

More stable callsWith improved signal management thanks to TruSignal technology, Snapdragon 820 should guarantee clearer and more stable calls, as well as a reduction in consumption of up to 20%.

Improved fingerprint readingThe new SoC will allow manufacturers to insert a fingerprint scanner even under a metal body, making it easier to design smartphones, which will also be faster and more precise in reading fingerprints.

Goodbye malwareIn the new SmartProtect chip, a security system able not only to recognize malicious apps, but also to find and defeat a malware even before it is indexed by the antivirus databases.


Qualcomm's learning machine makes its debut on a commercial product with Zeroth, an algorithm that can analyze our shots and adjust the scene accordingly, then intelligently storing the images according to the contents of the photo or video.

Unlimited wireless charging

From Qualcomm they promise that the new wireless charging of Snapdragon 820 will be able to work even through surfaces of 20 millimeters thick, so that it can be integrated invisibly even within furnishing complements.

Unreal graphics

The combination of the new Adreno 530 GPU and the Kyro four-core processor is able to bring respectable graphics performance to mobile, managing, for example, virtual simulations in real time through the Unreal Engine 4. A rather powerful robot, in conclusion.

All-round audio

With the right speakers, devices equipped with Snapdragon 820 should be able to provide audio with virtual surround and intelligent equalization, which manages to maximize the volume of the device, but without risk of "clipping".


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