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The method to record Spotify songs on Mac and PC

Spotify one of the best streaming music services online, which through a free account allows the streaming of a wide variety of music tracks. But if you want to download music from Spotify for offline listening, this is not possible but you can find methods and tools that can help you record music from Spotify.

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I present a software for you Pc is Mac, is called Streaming Audio Recorder, a music recorder that can also be used for Spotify, and easy to use and efficient. Here's what this software does:

1. It is designed to record any audio via the computer's sound card. So can download music from Spotify with 1: 1 quality.

2. Save after recording music from Spotify directly in format MP3. can play and edit music from Spotify at will

3. This application gives you the possibility to transfer music from Spotify to iTunes with a simple click.

Below is a guide on how to record songs from Spotify using this elegant music recorder.

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<p><b>Step 1: Download, install and launch Streaming Audio Recorder.</b></p>
<p>Before starting to register, make sure you have it installed on <strong>Pc</strong> or <strong>Mac</strong> the software <strong>Streaming Audio Recorder</strong>. If not, you can download by clicking on the link here. After installation, start the application.</p>
<p><b>Step 2: Start Streaming Audio Recorder to download music from Spotify</b></p>
<p>Press the button <em>Record</em>in the main menu of this application, search for a song on <strong>Spotify</strong> you want to record, and then play it back.</p>
<p>You will see that this application starts recording music from <strong>Spotify</strong>. Once registration is complete, a file can be obtained <strong>MP3</strong> directly into your library on <strong>Pc</strong> or <strong>Mac</strong>. It is also possible to interrupt the registration process until the button is pressed again <em>Record</em>.</p>
<p>To be sure that the song recorded by <strong>Spotify</strong> be transformed into a music file <strong>MP3</strong>, it is essential that you start the music piece from <strong>Spotify</strong> while recording.</p>
<p>After registration with<strong>Streaming Audio Recorder</strong>you can cut the audio file manually to extract the favorite part or create chapters or simply play the song. Extract all song information such as artist name, album and music genre, thanks to the ID3 search function. Edit the tags, and send the music directly to <strong>iTunes</strong>, or create playlists in the program <strong>Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder</strong>.</p>
<p>Below is a video tutorial:</p>

<p>The application can be purchased online on the manufacturer's website for the price of <strong>. 16.95</strong>, while, if you want to try the application first, you can download the <strong>Free demo</strong> working for 2 days.</p>