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The infinite legend of RayMan

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<p>On the advice of a friend I went to see me for good <strong>Rayman Legends</strong>, released on August 30th in multi-platform version. I have always liked platform games, <strong>Rayman</strong> in particular. I lost a lot of time in 98/99 when between <strong>Spyro</strong> is <strong>Crash</strong> on <strong>Playstation</strong> (without numbers) we had a lot of fun and still surprised; but we were children. Then in this period he went out <strong>GTA</strong> and therefore the media attention was rather focused on <em>Los Santos</em> and, knowing that the new was coming out <em>Rayman</em>, I hadn't paid much attention to it. Well, it was an idiot. Having seen this title, I was not surprised by the knowledge of the storm of excellent votes that he received. When I watched the video presentations (I haven't played yet) I found myself in 98, with my mouth open in front of a graphic masterpiece, animated, colored and alive to the core, with the brividino that raises the hair on the arm.</p><div class=

In brief summary: not changed anything from the already beautiful Rayman: Origins from the point of view of the gameplay, which in fact is somewhat the signature of the series. Same system of running, attack and jump, plus all the variants. The real addition is all the dynamics allowed by the use of consoles that have accelerometers and touch sensors. In fact, the player will not only control the character who runs and jumps, but also Murphy, an ethereal flying co-protagonist who, interacting with the lively surrounding environment and with numerous enemies, must pave the way for the main character, managed by the CPU.

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<p>In other contexts it will be necessary to solve more or less complicated but always original puzzles using the movement sensors of the console. The title was originally conceived as exclusive to <strong>Wii U</strong>, after waiting for the exit (which took place with 7 unjustifiable months of delay) porting was done for practically every console and therefore many dynamics are cumbersome and not very refined if you can't use a touch screen (let's say we recommend the <strong>Wii U</strong> or the <strong>PS Vita</strong> to better enjoy them), other dynamics (like the puzzles that require the accelerometer) unfortunately just disappear.</p>

<p>My favorite point is the wonderful graphics. THE<strong>UbiArt Framework</strong>, an incredibly apt graphic engine for platform games <em>2D</em>. The levels seem <em>Disney masterpieces</em> drawn drawn from the cartoonists and colored by the designers of the <em>Magic</em>. All the hostile and friendly NPCs fit into the gaming environment without flattening and detaching (a feeling unfortunately common to all such games): watch the backstage animations on youtube and you will be admired by the creative genius of animators and developers. But this is not the most enjoyable aspect of the question: the detail that surprised me most of all was the impossibility of the player to expect what is going to be in front of him. It was already the prerogative of others <strong>Rayman</strong>, that put you before the plunge into the void and read at the mercy of your reflexes to get out well.</p>
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<p>But here we overdo it! The authors have had a deadly fantasy, giving at every level unique and particular mechanics, thanks both to a wide variety of environments and to the touch and movement sensor that allow new dynamics compared to classic platforms. Every damn unrepeatable level and, although short (the order of 5 minutes), will lead us to play it over and over again to find out where all the hides are hiding. <strong>Teens</strong> kidnapped and to collect enough coins.</p>
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<p>C anyway to mention that the factual game includes 123 maps in total (that at 5 minutes moon makes more than 10 hours of play, not counting every time we want to resume a level already played). If the music usually makes the players enchant by <strong>Rayman</strong>, giving original melodies or famous reinterpretations in key <strong>Ubisoft</strong>, here they have not been less: every world has one of the musical levels that the manufacturer presented last year. Masterpieces for eyes and ears, like <strong>Fantasy</strong> of the <em>Disney</em> the state in cartoons.</p>
<p>Multiplayer is not missing either. In asymmetrical mode, in which we will have to try our hand at various challenges offered every day, winning prizes and comparing ourselves with other players. Here we obviously scatter the usual mechanism of<em>one more and then I stop</em> and way to frustrations or, I hope, successes in pvp. In local multiplayer, the game will be again, later <strong>Origins</strong>, both competitive and cooperative: players must work together to get ahead in the game, but stabbing back the fellow players will provide bonuses and benefits. It is obvious that you will generate a dangerous confusion on the screen and you risk complicating what was initially simple, but the prospect is absolutely laughable!</p>