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The 10 technological flops of 2013

The finished 2013 and as usual, in this period of the year, the sums of all the past are drawn, both positive and negative. If in some ways 2013 has been a year full of numerous noteworthy technological events such as the iPhone 5s, Google Glass, iPad Air, the Nexus 5 and (…)

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The finished 2013 and as usual, in this period of the year, the sums of all the past are drawn, both positive and negative. If in some ways the 2013 was a year full of numerous noteworthy technological events such as iPhone 5s, Google Glass, iPad Air, Nexus 5 and 7, Spotify, Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia Lumia, Twitter Instagram videos, also true that there have been several flops, some of them really striking.From bad investments, to products of dubious utility, here is a special classification that collects the 10 technological flops of 2013 (according not only to us).


After changing its name from RIM to BlackBerry and having developed a new, more modern and functional operating system, BB is destined to fail, defeated by iOS and Android, more flexible and modern. If BB was intended for a company audience now, the two competing operating systems are now able to offer much more and the end of BB will probably happen in early 2014. Sin.

Blockbuster Dvd-by-mail

The last desperate call for rescue made by Dish, the investment fund that controls the now dying chain of video rentals, foresaw the maintenance of the brand and its transformation into a hub for the distribution of online first releases to subscribers on the Netflix model. This would also have allowed to keep some shops open to the public. Final shutdown.

Facebook Phone

For at least three years there has been talk of an agreement between the social network and a manufacturer to create a branded mobile phone. In April it seemed made, with the launch of HTC Sense, the first smartphone containing the automatic opening of Facebook Home, an app developed on Android that can also function as a search engine. After a few months due to software bugs (which still exist, but being rethought) and above all the poor sales of the Sense model convinced Htc aritirarlodal del Mercato. Until next time.

The hashtags on Facebook

The attempt to discredit Twitter and create content aggregated by interest, therefore not only based on the miserably failed circle of knowledge. Business models that are too different and then, let's face it, the posts of our friends are enough and put forward to clog up the diary of uninteresting things, without having to look for new ones. #cambia.

iPhone 5C

Although it was announced as the real revolution at Apple with a change in the choice of materials. The iPhone 5C basically the colored version of its predecessor, moreover the small difference in cost compared to the iPhone 5S, not justified by the much wider difference in terms of performance, has caused the failure of this smartphone. The color is not enough.

Microsoft Surface

Despite having good potential, Microsoft's tablets failed to win over the public. With the Surface2, things seem to be going slightly better, but iPad, Galaxy Tab and other Android tablets are still a thousand miles away. For this year it remains a commercial flop. Postponed.

Nintendo Wii USales of the new console have been below forecasts, in fact Nintendo in August has lowered the price by obtaining an increase in sales, although still disappointing. Dai Mario !!

Personal computer

Year after year stand out among the rankings of failures. More and more cannibalized by smartphones and tablets, they are now a constant rear end of the hi-tech charts. According to recent estimates by the Idc research company, 2013 will close with an annual record contraction of global PC deliveries: -10.1%, worse than previous estimates of -9.7%. At the fruit.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

2013 was to be the deglismartwatches year, thanks to the release of the Galaxy Gear Samsung, that is to say the new wristwatch computers, equipped with touch screen and integrated camera, usable also through voice commands. Although the forecasts were positive, the product struggled to take off, so much so that the rival Appleh postponed the exit of its counterpart, to a date to be decided. To be redesigned.

Twitter Music

Do you remember Twitter Music? Probably not. THEapplication that lets you listen to streaming music. At the time of the launch it seemed to be a huge success, but after only six months from its release, the technological section of the Wall Street Journal, reported the intention of the company management to declare the application. One of the determining factors could be the inexplicability of developing the Android version, in fact the App is available exclusively for iOS users. At this point, only the indiscretions about its final closure are expected. #Cambiarmusica.

In short, if it is true that technological devices accompany us in every moment of our daily life, it is also evident that social networks are the real advocates of new trends, to the detriment of brands that, in some cases, struggle to keep up with the demands of the moment.We didn't want to establish a ranking of importance, so this is a simple list of the Flops of the year, in alphabetical order;We leave the burden (and honor) to you to decide who has done the worst.

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