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Swimming with the iPod

It's called SV-iMini and represents the latest cry in exclusive accessories for iPod mini. To launch it the American H2O audio, a name as an explanatory program for a house that produces a case capable of making iPod water-proof and even able to dive to a depth of up to three meters.

SV-iMini, in practice, a transparent waterproof case, built to control and listen to iPod mini even in environments for which it was not built or near which there is a risk of something. To give some examples: at the edge of a swimming pool or lying on a mattress on the water of the same pool, on a boat or a canoe or to stay in season, on the snow. SV-iMini able to armor the iPod by preventing it from being hit by dust and sand.

The engineering of the case, at first glance, scrolling through the manual available online, appears very accurate. Special waterproof headphones are also supplied with support to prevent them from slipping off the ear pads. The external control gives access to all the functions of the clickwheel.

Unfortunately, the price is not very accessible. SV-iMini costs almost as much as an iPod mini: 149.95. Marketing scheduled for December.