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Shopping on Instagram how it works and how to sell in Italy

Arriving in Italy Shopping on Instagram, the possibility of seeing directly from the social photo here is how it works Shopping on Instagram and how to sell from Italy on Social thanks to Shopify now integrated in Instagram

Arrives in Italy Shopping on Instagram, the possibility of seeing directly from the social photo. All possible thanks to Shopify, a platform for multi-channel commerce, now integrated with Instagram.

Shopping on Instagram available in Italy

The option shopping on Instagram which allows companies to tag products on Instagram posts now enabled for merchants of eight other markets in addition to the US, including Italy. In particular, since yesterday it also works in: United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Brazil. Strategic expansion offers new sales opportunities through Shopify to Instagram users worldwide.

Shopping on Instagram

Shopping Instagram how it works

Instagram, the popular photo sharing app for mobile devices, an ideal commercial medium that allows hundreds of thousands of retailers to Shopify in the sectors of fashion, jewelery, cosmetics, furniture and furnishings to significantly expand their customers. For the rest, today we buy more and more online, directly from the mobile. Shopping on Instagram allows you to view descriptions and complete information, price and ecommerce link, of each garment, accessory or object has been tagged with Shopping in a normal Instagram post. In practice, anyone with an Instagram business profile can decide to add a Shopping tag to your post, thus combining the product in question with the item in question. The purchase will then be finalized in the reference ecommerce site.

How to sell with Shopping on Instagram

If you are a company, an influencer or if you still have a business profile, here's how to start offering your products for shopping on Instagram:

  • Be located in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain or Brazil
  • Have Shopify installed and connected to your Facebook page with an approved Facebook Shop
  • Have an Instagram Business account to link to the Facebook Page

After that, just add your Instagram sales to your Shopify at no additional cost. From the Instagram app you can change the settings by visiting the sectionShoppingin the categoryBusiness Settings

Now you can start tagging your posts and searching for customers all over the world.

Shopify invests in social media

Shopify is investing heavily in social networks and allows brand, even to the smallest ones, to sell all over the world. It counts 500 million active daily users, in addition to Instagram integrated on other channels like Facebook, BuzzFeed, Pinterest and eBay. "People look at Instagram to find inspiration and discover new products, we want to help them find more and buy them directly with just a few clicks. The integration between Instagram and Shopify offers more possibilities to reach people at that moment of inspiration and to find potential customers ", said Susan Rose, Director of Product Marketing, Instagram.