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Ruzzle Adventure, the puzzle starts again today

The blockbuster app is back with a new episode that makes the challenge more interesting and lively

Considered the "discreet" success of the first game hunting-words (just a few tens of millions of players), it was natural that the series did not stop there: available today Ruzzle Adventure, initially only for iOS devices.

Compared to the predecessor, the new Ruzzle (always developed by the Swedish Mag Interactive) bet on the game solo, expanding the basic formula. Set in three worlds to explore, it offers more 150 puzzles enriched by a series of variable traps that hinder the path, boosters to get out of trouble (extra bombs, super jumps, title swaps and ships), native creatures to challenge (Vikings, Zombie Pirates, etc). The scores achieved can obviously be shared with friends on social networks and in the common ranking.


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