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QT 4.1.2 in Italian

QT 4.1.2 in Italian

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finally available also the Italian version of QuickTime 4.1.2. The update was released today and can be downloaded via "Update QuickTime". The download page of the complete installer, however, does not yet seem to lead to version 4.1.2 in Italian but only to version 4.1 The update, as noted at the time of the release of the English version repairs some minor bugs (including the inability to redirect users to other URLs) but also adds some improvements. A Til from Apple specifically mentions a more reliable and faster support for streaming through firewalls and proxies and, from an audio point of view, new features in MP3 playback. QT now works also with Windows 2000. We remind you that over the past few months Apple has been strongly criticized for having delayed updates of the operating system localized in various languages ??over time. The case of QT, also criticized for a beta testing that according to someone become very approximate, exemplary in its frantic succession of new versions. Version 4.1 in Italian was released publicly on the Internet only after more than three months from the presentation of the English version , this when it already existed in a pre-installed version on all the machines in the channels. Version 4.1.1, which repaired some bugs, was never released in Italian and version 4.1.2 which repairs new bugs and adds some minor features, now reaches 2 and a half months from the presentation of the English version. (Thanks to Rocco Stilo)

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