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NewerTechnology, after the financial difficulties resolved thanks to the intervention of a Taiwanese investor, found new ideas on the market and introduced new products and re-proposed some of the old ones that came out of production mainly for an effort to reduce costs. Yesterday the news that the Wichita manufacturer has released a 500 MHz G4 upgrade card for all old Macs, beige and Blue and White. The card is supplied with 1 Mb of backside cache. The recommended price of $ 799. In addition to this, NewerTech proposes, in an updated version, the old MAXPowr G3 for the 6100. The card is installed in the PDS slot and is distributed with speeds of 300 and 330 MHz with 1 MB of backside cache to a price of $ 349. At the same time the cards, again PDS, for 7100 and 8100 have been resubmitted but their speed is the same as in the previous series: 266/300 MHz with 1 MB of backside cache. The price of these cards is $ 449. Still yesterday NewerTech also announced a price reduction for 350 and 400 MHz upgrade cards for the 7300-9600 series. The cost cut of $ 50, or a price reduction of about 14% Recently the G4-ZIF from 400 MHz and 450 MHz also drop to $ 50 or $ 70 depending on the models

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