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Nvidia Inside

Nvidia Inside

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Could Nvidia unseat ATI as the main supplier of 3D acceleration chips? The hypothesis is gaining ground in the articles and editorials of many sites that consider the recent announcements of availability to support the Mac world by Nvidia a very clear signal in this sense. In particular it was confirmed that the new low-power, low-cost processor and other GeForce 2 MX performance natively supports the Mac hardware to reinforce the belief that more than Nvidia-based cards we could see Mac with Nvidia chip. The English newspaper MacUser is the journalistic source that has more in depth this topic, already addressed also by Macity at the time of the release of the first information of GeForce MX 2. The reporters of the Mac magazine have in fact probed the ground by interviewing some of the card manufacturers based on Nvidia processors getting negative responses when it came to confirming the intention to produce add-on cards for the Mac. Given that Nvidia does not directly produce acceleration cards but only processors and given that it seems very difficult for the company managers to launch into the Mac world without having guarantees for the adoption of their chips, the hypothesis ch and Apple will become the main purchaser of GeForce MX 2. In fact, as already noted in these pages, the chip appears particularly suitable for use directly on iMac, PowerBook and iBook motherboards. Future generations of these products could mark Apple's transition from the exclusive relationship with ATI to Nvidia. A choice that the Cupertino company would implement not only for performance reasons (on the horizon we don't see a chip with the same characteristics as the GeForce 2 MX suitable for machines like the ones we just mentioned), but also for the uncertainty that reigns. on the future of ATI, which is in not very prosperous economic conditions and seems to be struggling to fight competition. It seems unlikely, however, that Apple will implement a new exclusive choice for the benefit of Nvidia. Rather we believe that a concrete hypothesis can be the one already supported by these same pages that prefigures the use of Nvidia processors on laptops and iMacs and the preconfiguration with the new ATI Radeons on high-end desktops. Apple, therefore, would divide the market of 3D acceleration among the two major players in the market as well as, practically, it has already done in the processors: to IBM the supply of iMac and laptops and to Motorola that for the G4. The inevitable final question: when will we have confirmations or denials in this regard? We personally believe rather early. Nvidia notices to announce products only when they are practically ready to be distributed in quantity and the evolution of 3D chips so fast that a processor announced today old and outdated in six months. We wouldn't be too surprised if before the end of the summer we saw the first Mac "Nvidia inside".

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