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No MacOs X beta in New York?

No MacOs X beta in New York?

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On what will be the products that will occupy the stage of the keynote and the Expo stands there have been many uncertainties and only some sporadic certainty or presumed to date. One of the latter was the widespread conviction among the media that closely follow the things of the Apple world that in Manhattan one of the protagonists would have been the public beta of MacOs X. Macity, for, thanks to some contributions reached in the editorial office in the past hours today able to say that this belief should also be revised: most likely the public beta will not be released in New York. Let us suppose that the new OS will not be available from the middle of this month some statements emerged in the context of a MacOs X presentation to Italian retailers. The demo did not present any noteworthy news but the head of MacOs X for Europe, the French Serge Robe, missed some important clues when he was asked about the beta release. According to some Macity sources, in fact, Robe has recommended to consider when trying to understand when we will see MacOs X that the only summer event is not MacWorld in New York. Afterwards, in fact, there will be the Seybold of San Francisco and then the Apple Expo in Paris. A cryptic statement (but not too much) but already in itself quite explicit. "In addition to this – a friend tells us that he prefers to remain anonymous – Robe also told us that Apple does not offer software hardware novelty together at the same event . Another clue, given that shortly before we were told that there will be new hardware in New York. ?So if MacOs X beta will not be presented during the MacWorld Expo when should we expect its release? The most likely window would be at the end of August, when Jobs holds the keynote of the San Francisco Seybold, but in that case it is possible that the new G4s can be presented and if the rule of non-overlap between hardware and software applies, the doors also close in the context of the Californian event. The quotations of Paris therefore rise as the city of the debut of the new millennium. Apple Expo will be held on September 13th, so there would be another two months to prepare the beta giving it a form very close to the final one and very likely that the European event does not present any new hardware even if persistent rumors in the past weeks had indicated to end September a review of iBooks. As always in the last few weeks, to try to better understand what will happen it will be necessary to wait for the next New York Expo.

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