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Nintendo, the first app coming

Connect smartphones and tablets with the 3DS, but for now it will only be available in Japan

(Photo: Nintendo)(Photo: Nintendo)

Satoru Iwata, president and administrator of Nintendo, does not like to play with the smartphone. It will also be true, but hobbies are one thing, another is businessand so the Japanese company is preparing to launch this week its first app for mobile devices.

Mario and Zelda fans have to wait to sing victory. For now, nothing amazing is at stake, but only a simple interface for Android that connects your mobile phone or tablet with your Nintendo 3DS. Not only: the application will be available only on Docomo branded devices, the Japanese mobile company with which Nintendo is working hand in hand.

Last week the Kyoto house was already unbuttoned revealing the imminent arrival of an application entirely dedicated to the new Mario Kart. A demonstration that, despite Iwata's tastes, there is great attention to the mobile market.

For the record, this is the list of supported devices: Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2, Aquos Zeta, Nx Arrows, Sony Xperia A2, Aquos Pad, Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet.


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