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New standard for modems

New standard for modems

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Don't you have ISDN, n ADSL n, let alone a fixed Internet connection? Well, according to how things are going with sites that are increasingly similar to multimedia CDs, you are leaning but you also belong to the majority and for this reason there are still those who are also working for you, trying to improve analogue modem connections. ITU , International Telecomunications Union, which is based in Geneva, has recently ratified a new standard for modems, v.92, which promises an increase in speed of 40%. Certainly this is not a cure-all and perhaps not even a piece of news that will make you jump for joy as the ITU itself warns that the increase is only possible during uploading and only on lines that have excellent quality. Translated means that those who were already able to go to upload at 33.6 (and certainly not many to have this constant speed) have some chances to reach 47 Kbps, for everyone else nothing will change. In particular, nothing will change in the speed of reading Internet pages that remains, more and more those with exceptionally good lines, set at 56 Kbps if you have an analog modem. According to The Register, which spread the news yesterday, the greatest advantages you would have in the handshaking that would make the establishment of the connection faster and in a better data compression. At the same time, the ITU has approved a new standard (v.44) which increases throughput from 150-200 kbps to 300 Kbps. The first products based on v.92 should be available by the end of the year , it will take some time before the providers also decide to support it and most likely the diffusion of the ADSL could obscure the need to update the modem batteries.

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