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New FM transmitter for iPod

New FM transmitter for iPod. To launch Xtrememac, a company specializing in accessories and products for Mac.

The system, called AirPlay, according to Xtrememac the only one on the market able to tune the iPod music over the entire frequency range (88.1 MHz to 107.9 MHz) without the installation of any additional software. The small display illuminated with a blue light, the same one that marks the iPod display. The illumination turns off just after tuning the frequency to save the batteries. Among the advantages also two keys that serve to increase the frequency and to decrease it without using, like for competitor products, the iPod wheel.

Airplay works with traditional iPods and the mini version and has a target price for the US market of $ 39.95.

Xtrememac, also during Macworld, will present a new series of protective cases for iPod. This is Shieldz, translucent clips in various colors. The masks, the manufacturer points out, protect the aluminum front of the iPod mini from scratches by not just adding a touch of color.

The Shieldz cost of $ 12.95.