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New Facebook privacy after the scandal: here are the tools

Here comes the new Facebook privacy after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Mark Zuckerberg runs for cover. Facebook has announced new privacy tools that are a priority for Facebook and we work every day to help people better understand our tools.

Here comes the new Facebook privacy after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Mark Zuckerberg runs for cover after the scandal called facebookgate. Mark Zuckerberg publicly apologized in an interview and also through an advertising page purchased in the world's leading newspapers. Facebook announced new privacy tools that are a priority for Facebook and we work every day to help people better understand our tools.

New-Privacy Facebook Tools

New Facebook Privacy

The announcement on the new peremptory Facebook provacy: We know that we need to make our privacy settings easier to understand, find and use. As Mark Zuckerberg pointed out last week, we will do everything possible to protect people's information and limit improper use of the platform.

New Facebook Privacy Tools

In the coming weeks, Facebook will introduce new measures to give users easier control over their privacy settings. Most of these updates have been planned for some time and the events of the last few days are only emphasizing their importance.

What Facebook Privacy Announced

Privacy settings easier to find and use. Facebook redesigned the entire settings menu for mobile devices to facilitate search. The settings, previously distributed on almost 20 different screens, are now accessible from one place. It has also eliminated the obselete settings, so that it is clear what information can and cannot be shared with the Apps.

People write Facebook announcing new tools – they also told us that information on privacy, security and advertisements should be much easier to find. The new shortcut menu that allows you to check your data in just a few passages, with clear explanations on how the different settings work.

or Make your Facebook account more secure: add other levels of protection to your account, such as two-factor authentication. If this option is activated and someone tries to access the account from an unknown device, the user will be asked to confirm if it is him. Check personal information: review what was shared and eventually delete it, including shared posts and those to which reactions were added, but also friend requests sent and other searches made through Facebook.o Check the advertisements that everyone sees: manage the information that Facebook uses to show advertisements; advertising preferences explain exactly how the advertisements and the various options available to the user work. or Manage those who see posts and the information of your profile: each owner of what he shares on Facebook and can manage, for example, who sees the posts and the information included in his profile.

New-Privacy Facebook Tools

Delete your Facebook data

Facebook also responds to a flood of discontent about the amount of data it holds and the difficulty in understanding what and where these sates are stored. It is extremely important that people on Facebook can see and manage their information has affirmed Facebook – some people want to delete some things they shared in the past, while others are just curious to know what information Facebook has. For this reason, Facebook has announced the launch of the Access your information tool, a way for people to access and manage their information, such as posts, reactions and comments, and the things they have searched for. A tool that allows you to delete anything you no longer want in your diary or profile on Facebook.

Download your Facebook data

In addition, Facebook wants to make it easier to download its data shared with Facebook. You can in fact download a copy that includes photos uploaded, contacts added to the account, journal entries and more.

Facebook's Privacy Promises

furthermore our responsibility – says Facebook – explain how we collect and use user data in a detailed language, but also easy to understand. In the coming weeks, we will offer updates to Facebook's terms of service that include our commitments to people. We will also update data policies to better define which data we collect and how we use it. These updates concern transparency and not the acquisition of new rights for the collection, use or sharing of data. We have worked with regulatory bodies, legislators and privacy experts on these tools and updates. We will have further developments to share in the coming weeks, including updates on the measures that Mark shared last week