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Marriage with interests between IBM and Compaq

Marriage with interests between IBM and Compaq

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IBM and Compaq will invest more than $ 1 billion to pay off the recent deal that aims to fight the biggest data storage competitor, namely EMC Corp.

In practice they will help each other and the sales of some products will be exchanged, for example Compaq will sell Shark and Tivoli (from IBM) and International Business Machine will do the same with Storage Works (from Compaq). Compaq with this agreement will be able to provide its customers with a more complete range and IBM will have more sales of storage materials.

But neither the stock exchange in EMC (which is satisfied with the recognition of their leadership in the sector but they believe that the experience is worth something in the IT world and, they think, this collaboration is a desperate act due to the loss of shares of market – of the servers – by both especially in favor of Sun, Dell and HP) were particularly impressed by the announcement.

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