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MacMice, a shower of news at the San Franscisco Expo

Rain of new things for MacMice in view of Macworld. The peripherals and accessories manufacturer Mac, a division of DVForge, will present an interesting series of products at the Expo, some of which are decidedly innovative and original.

It is the case of The Ball Bluetooth, the first trackball with Bluetooth connectivity. Equipped with three fully configurable buttons, it is offered with two rechargeable batteries, a support that serves to restore the energy of the accumulators and three replaceable balls of different colors. The cost on the American market will be $ 89.99.

Interesting too ProSticks 2.1, a high fidelity system capable of producing music through two speakers and a subwoofer. According to MacMice this is the best computer sound system under $ 1000. The cost for the US market will be $ 399.99.

Those interested in audio and having an iMac G5 will surely be attracted by Zerosticks, an accessory that integrates into Apple's new all-in-one computer by placing itself on the back using a special support that integrates with the computer case. Note that the speaker power cable replaces that of the iMac and carries current to both the audio system and the machine. The materials are the same as the computer. The American version will go on sale at a price of $ 199.99 starting in April, the international version will arrive only in summer.

Always in terms of audio and originality, it comes in presenting JamGuitar. The MacMice product, in fact, is an input system for electric (or bass) guitars which, by connecting to the iPod dock, can accompany the songs that are played by the digital music player. In practice, thanks to JamGuitar, iPod music is mixed with that of a guitar through headphones. The cost of $ 49.99 and the marketing planned for February.

Two USB accessories are also aimed at the musician market, which are used to connect analogue musical instruments or microphones to the Mac, transforming the signal into digital. It is about GuitarPlug and MicPlug. The price of the devices, which according to MacMice generate a 16-bit sound, 48KHz, better than that of a CD, will cost $ 49.99 and will be on sale from the end of January.

PortBuddy Relocator as the name implies, a peripheral used to reposition the doors of the iMac G5. Once connected, bring both the USB and FireWire ports to the front of the machine in a more comfortable position. In addition to this, there is also a memory card reading system compatible with 13 different standards. The cost of PortBuddy for $ 49.99 and the commercialization scheduled for February.

The long series of MacMice news closes with iPodBuddy, a "definitive" accessory for using iPods in cars. Includes a flexible iPod stand, a charger and an FM transmitter to listen to iPod in the onboard stereo speakers. Among the details to be underlined is an automatic selection system of the best frequency to ensure that the transmission is always as clean as possible. In the iPodBuddy also included a jack for the output of the cable audio for connection with a dedicated interface to the car radio or to another stereo system. The cost on the US market will be $ 99.99.

Macmice products are distributed in Italy by Upware