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Live !, when?

Live !, when?

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After the announcements, which had been followed by very little substance, in the past few months, finally, the first Creative Mac products are starting to appear. The American company specialized in peripherals for the consumer world has in fact begun to distribute drivers for its own Nomad II. The software for the MP3 Player, considered one of the best on the market (USB connectivity, support for copyright protection, FM tuner, recorder, wired remote control, bundled SoundJam MP), was preceded by the first product a few months ago Creative for Mac: the Blmaster WebCam Go Video. Other products that are expected to have even greater consumption are still on the roll. In particular, the drivers for the Sound Blaster Live! Have not yet been released. The sound card, considered in the PC world as a sort of essential accessory for those who want to play with high-level audio, was announced during San MacWorld Expo Francisco, but since then there have been very few news about it released by Creative. In particular there is no news of the drivers that some company managers had guaranteed to our correspondents in California to be at a good point to think that they would be released at the end of spring. According to some sources to stop their development would have been the dismantling of made of the audio section of the MacOs that lost most of the managers who founded an independent company. In addition to that Creative found herself faced with the unpleasant surprise that branded 3D audio support, one of the main features of Live! Currently, in fact, sprockets are not able to give the spatial effect to the audio. So many games (in the PC world are dozens) that support this effect will not have the same audio output even on Mac when they are converted. In any case it now seems that the card will be demonstrated in its final version with the drivers during the Expo which begins on the 19th of this month. Macity, who will be in Manhattan, will try to learn something about it.

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