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Keep track of license points and car deadlines

check points license

iPatente the official application of Ministry of Transport, which allows you to monitor most of the useful information relating to our activity as a motorist. The free application is available for all mobile devices either iOS that Android, downloadable from the respective Store. Among other things, it provides complete information related to drivers such as the check points license, the verification of the auto review deadline and motorcycles in your possession, verification of insurance coverage for vehicles, the environmental class of vehicles and of limits for novice drivers. The very intuitive app with a new graphic layout that makes the information immediately at hand. If you don't know it, find out how it works.

Check of driving license points and other information

The application takes all the information from the site, official portal of the Civil Motorization, which is periodically updated. To make full use of the application iPatente follow these procedures:

  • Register at the portal by going directly to the site, or you can do it directly from the device when you first access the application. Remember to have the license number to enter at the time of registration. If you have the new driving license (card) issued by Vehicle registration, the number of the license shown on the façade in point 5;
iPatente vehicles
  • During registration you have created a username and password, these will be used to enter the portal services to be inserted even when the application starts iPatente when you go to create yours Profile.
  • Download and installiPatente from the Store of Apple or Android, and when you open it you will see the pages of Services.
  • On the opening board you will immediately see the most important data. The license points, the cars of your property and if you have any practice in progress at the Motorization.
  • If you wish, you can also add other accounts, that of your wife or children if they are car or motorcycle owners. You can create a new account by clicking on the menu at the top right and the page will open with all available services. Go up "Your account"And a page will open with the option" Add account ".
iPatente account

Useful services for iPatente drivers

iPatente points

Now you can start using iPatente services by clicking on the section that interests you. In the first section you will be able to view in-depth data on the points of the license and on your own vehicles. of license points you will be able to punctually view the deducted and those credited with the reasons and minutes received. While vehicles you will be able to view the general details as well as the deadlines for the revision and the registration.

From the menu you can discover other interesting services on revision centers and the headquarters of motorization near your area. You can also make some checks on all vehicles. By entering the license plate number, you will get information on the insurance, on the environmental class and if the vehicle can be driven by a novice driver. Interesting function on car insurance verification, because you can check not only if the vehicle is insured, but get to know the insurance company and also the expiration date. Very useful information in the event of an accident and if the vehicle does not stop.

Insider insurance


In the latest version the iPatente app was much improved not only in graphics but also in content. After entering the profiles of your wife / husband and children and if you have activated it from the motorists' portal, you will be notified via email about the upcoming expiry dates of the driving license, of the car revision or of the stamp expiry date and of the driving license points. With this application you will have all the news at hand, avoiding incurring heavy fines. It is an excellent application for motorists to have absolutely on our devices.