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iTag, keychain or radio?

We find it hard to imagine that such an object can take hold, but since we are bound by pure news (but nobody forces us not to be ironic), here is iTag, a gadget (we don't know how to define it in any other way) for bookmarkare songs and advertisements heard on the radio.

Friends of Macity, do not immediately rush to the shop downstairs so that you know that the use is limited to the areas of eight American cities (San Francisco, Phoenix, Houston, Washington DC, St. Louis, Chicago, Baltimore and Atlanta) because 'at the moment can only work thanks to the precious collaboration of some local broadcasters of these cities.

Use: direct the iTag to the radio that transmits the song concerned or the spot you want to know more about and click, then, once at home or in the office, you need to connect iTag to your computer (with a , extremely uncomfortable, now, serial port … in the future maybe even USB) that will provide you with data or song or advertising advertiser and if you want it will put you in contact with who sells these products …

Wooow, it's a shame that in the US they don't know what RDS radio is (not Radio Dimensione Suono, but that now-familiar system that makes European radios appear on the display as well as the name of the broadcaster also many other information, virtually everything the station wants radio) if you think a nice bane for an iTag mountain, nobody could avoid it.