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iPod Shuffle: the Macitynet test

Suddenly the good, old third-generation iPod (15 GB) that has accompanied your reporter for almost two years has become heavy, bulky. All the fault (or merit) of the 1 GB iPod Shuffle bought on the fly in San Francisco, in the 'AppleStore city, a few hours before leaving. The one that follows the test, made in record time, of the new object of Apple's desire. A test that took place at twelve thousand meters of altitude, in three different airports and through nine time zones. To offer immediate impressions of use on the Apple device.

Let's see how it went, considering also that the first charge has not yet run out …

The packaging Apple does not neglect the new "baby" of the iPod family. For 99 (or, as in this case, $ 149) you get a small box of excellent workmanship. Inside, a plastic blister contains the three fundamental elements: in the center, visible also through the slit, the iPod Shuffle. Opening, protected by a film, there is also something else. To be precise, headphones (the same as those of a normal iPod) and the second cap equipped with a white cord to pass it around the neck.

Under the plastic blister pack, a pack of the same color as the small box that contains, in addition to warranty sheets and an instruction block, also a small card with the basic instructions to "decode" the luminous messages that the iPod Shuffle send, a cd with two software (latest-generation iPod updater, labeled January 11, and iTunes 4.7.1 for Mac and Pc, plus instruction Pdf for all iPods on the market) and – for the first time in a long time – two stickers with white apple. A gadget that has long been missing in Apple's packaging.

The object of desire Hold the iPod Shuffle in your hand as you take a leap into lightness. Less than a pound for this hybrid between digital player and USB memory key. Impressive, above all – we'll see later – because the audio experience is similar to that of a normal iPod! Note two things on the USB connector. On the one hand it is the only tool to know the format of our iPod Shuffle: the writing 1GB or 512MB is in fact engraved l. On the other hand, it is slightly longer than normal, with two small holes on the sides. Inside the cap (and that of all the accessories) two small "teeth" fit together perfectly with the two holes, making the closure solid with respect to the "normal" pressure ones and substantially reducing the possibility that the iPod Shuffle let go and maybe get lost.

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