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iPod in Auto and reader solutions: Fabrizio Solinas

Let's start this new column. that will become with your contributions (if they will be many) a special section of ilmioMac, with the Fabrizio Solinas installation and its description.

?Here are the ingredients: iPod, Pioneer Radio P3630, analogue / digital interface cable taken from Bortesi, SendStation Lineout connector, Dr.Bott car charger, Mobile phone holder (working as an iPod holder), FrancoEnnas speaker system and amplification

Let's start with the car radio: I chose Pioneer for two reasons, constant quality over the years (and also a cd player that reads all the mp3 CDs made by itunes without problems) and for the possibility of "customizing" the AUX input.

In fact, in addition to having a digital input thanks to the Bortesi interface cable (which we passed behind the radio and going out into the object holder drawer) I have the possibility of having a custom equalization on the AUX, giving it the name I want (eg IPOD ).

We used the Sendstation connector to go out with the volume and impedance of an external source. This allows us to set the ipod volume to zero, thus saving considerable battery power and recharging our iPod with the charger if necessary. Dr.Bott connected on one side to the firewire and on the other to the cigarette lighter socket

The bracket is a very normal universal SBS mobile phone holder bracket, which perfectly accommodates our little one, requires thirty seconds of assembly and is useful to eventually accommodate our cell if temporarily without an iPod.

What, unfortunately, I cannot show you the exceptional purity and perfection of the system that puts the best of the ipod's performance with the "limit low" equalization.

Here below are the images showing the details of the system. If you want to send us the photos of your write this address.

The original photos of Fabrizio on this page.

ipod in the car