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Instagram 6.0 adds new tools to make even more creative shots

The new version of the Facebook app adds tools to improve sharpness, shadows and vignetting to photos

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<p>The announcement yesterday with a video of a few seconds: with the next update, Instagram will release<strong> 10 new editing tools</strong> for photos. Application was created for <strong>make our photos beautiful</strong> in the shortest possible time, but apparently <strong>the numerous filters already present are no longer enough</strong>: now after uploading the photo to Instagram you can adjust the brightness, contrast, temperature <strong>add sharpness, shadows and vignetting</strong>. Furthermore, the intensity of the filters already present will be adjustable. The application will keep <strong>its simplicity of use</strong> and those not interested in modifying his photos will be able to share them with a click as before.</p><div class=

This novelty meets the needs of users, always looking for new ways of expressing oneself through images: all these photo retouching passages are already very common among those who shoot with smartphones and share their photos, given the success of applications like VSCOcam, Afterlight and Snapseed, to name just a few.

In announcing the news, Peter Deng, Instagram's Director of Product, has hinted that there will be other releases in the future: we bet that it will be the inclusion of texts and icons?


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