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Iliad problems: here's how to solve them

Iliad problems

Problems continue for Iliad in Italy. The French telephone operator has registered a series of disruptions in our country in recent days. In fact, there are several users who complain of not being able to surf the internet, experiencing connectivity problems and, occasionally, even with calls. If you are also an Iliad customer and you have this kind of problem, don't despair, maybe we have the solution that is right for you and you can easily solve the Iliad problems!

After the boom of activations, now the operator Iliad in difficulty. Will it have been the unexpected success with millions of activations that you can't manage now? Or are the structural problems caused by the inadequate network of antennas distributed throughout the country? Let's try to understand what is happening to Iliad in Italy.

Iliad problems: absent or slow connection. Here is a possible and quick solution to the problem

In recent days Illiad users have been experiencing several network problems. The inefficiencies seem to be widespread throughout the Italian territory with foresighted peaks of reports in big cities such as Milan, Turin, Bologna, Padua and Rome. The telephone operator aware of the difficulties is trying to solve the problem as quickly as possible, as stated via Twitter.

But when you find yourself in this condition of not being able to navigate, what should you do when your internet connection is down? Some users have reported a possible solution with which they have resolved. If you have connectivity problems with your smartphone with Illiad card, you could quickly solve everything with a simple trick.

It would seem, in fact, that if you have set up the 4G network on the phone, manually selecting 3G connectivity from the phone settings and disabling the 4G (LTE) entry, the network will start working again. Obviously this way the internet speed decreases, exploiting only the 3G connection and not the 4G, but it is still a temporary solution, so as to be able to take advantage of the telephone until the line is completely re-established by the telephone company technicians.

Or try to have the telephone operator search again by going to Cellular network -> deactivate Automatic(iPhone) and have a new search performed. When the available networks appear, select the Iliad operator again.

Unfortunately, since Iliad landed in our country it has already had several disruptions, especially related to the internet and in particular to the 4G network. This that you read could be a solution that you could adopt every time you had to notice connection problems, with the hope that over time this type of inefficiency will disappear completely.

If you don't know the latest Iliad offer, read this guide to learn how to activate it.