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If you missed the CES, you missed nothing (that's all)

The CES in Las Vegas has brought many new products and above all some new ideas. 3D trends, robots and wearable technology were the main trends

The CES in Las Vegas brought real news this year. The high-tech world presented itself with products and above all with some new ideas. The main trends that emerge are two: 3D printers and wearable technology, the one wearable technology which now represents one of the most interesting sectors for producers and operators. If the (traditional) PC contracts, the hardware devices we carry are multiplied. Here they are, in a photographic overview the best things seen at CES.

The biometric headphones "Jarvis" by intel

Just the pc technology manufacturer par excellence that Intel showed a sharp turn towards the wearable technology. First a new chip Edison suitable for equipping all wearable devices. a low-power system-on-a-chip. But Intel went beyond presented real products like Jarvis of the headphones biometrics powered by the phone's audio jack that can detect sports performance, recognize voice commands, etc.

LG Smart Band Touch

Even LG, better known for TV and mobile phones, focuses on technology to wear with its own LG Life Band Touch which tracks all activities and can also report calories burned.

Garmin VivoFit

Garmin, famous for GPS navigators, presented Vivofit , another bracelet for monitoring sports and non-sports activities. Interesting curved screen and autonomy: a year without having to recharge it. The bracelet uses the data collected to give advice on lifestyle.

Sony LifeLogging

Sony goes further with his Life Logging. In this case the bracelet keeps track of everything, not only of the movements, but also of the published posts, the emails received, the phone calls made and based on the heart beats reconstructs the emotions felt at a given moment and puts everything black on white: a interactive timeline and try, also in this case, to give advice to improve the lifestyle. Certainly there are questions about privacy.

Pebble, the smartwatch that conquered the world starting from the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, presented the 2.0 version, with a metal or leather strap.

PrioVR, the video game controlled by muscles

always to wear, but a little more complicated, the virtual reality system PrioVR of YEI. All the sensors distributed on the body transmit the movements of the muscles to the video game and you completely embody yourself in the virtual protagonist. The complete system should be marketed for $ 400.

Sphero 2B, the new walking robot

The CES also showed many robotic novelties starting with Sphero 2b. The new version is no longer spherical. After the great success of Sphero (a sort of crazy ball that strumpallazza of the 80s, but perfectly drivable via smartphone) at CES in Las Vegas the model 2b was announced, a small tank equipped with micro-tracks, able to move on any surface and make tight curves (one of the defects in the handling of the first perfectly round model).

Parrot, which has made known to the masses the wonderful world of drones has announced a microscopic version, able to move on the ground on wheels and fly (a short distance from the pilot) controlled through Bluetooth is called Mini-drone. In addition it arrives Jumping-sumo a jumping terrestrial robot.

The DJI S 1000, the eight-rotor drone

For those who love challenges and performances at CES appeared the DJI S1000, a drone with eight rotors capable of using professional cameras.

MakerBot becomes large and small with the new Z18 and Mini-Replicator models

3D printers are undoubtedly one of the most interesting innovations and the forefather of the segment: MakerBot, has launched a table version on Replicator-Mini and a professional: the MakerBot Z18. The range is widening and also the types of use.

LG FlexPhone, the curved smartphone

was also the CES of the Curved Screens, from the Telephones as LG FlexPhone, on TV.