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ice> Link Plus and iPod becomes a car CD changer

New version of the audio interface ice> Link. The connection system that allows you to connect iPod to the car radio has recently been updated to the Plus version which presents numerous and interesting new features that perfectly integrate iPod with the car's stereo system.

With ice> link Plus, in particular, it is possible to control iPod directly from the car radio interface, operating on the player as if it were a CD Changer. In practice you can search for songs, go back and forth fast and select five playlists as if they were five different CDs. The Cd-Text is also supported so that the titles and authors of the songs of the iPod songs are shown on the radios that are able to do so. If you have steering wheel controls for controlling the car's stereo system, they will also work with iPod.

Included in ice> link Plus there is also a support similar to the iPod cradle which not only allows you to lock the player but also to recharge it. Finally, the interface can be updated via firmware directly using iPod. It should also be noted that the modular structure allows both to adapt the interface to another vehicle, and to deal with any updates to the iPod that would, in the future, have a new connection system.

Ice> link Plus, whose previous version had been presented to various Mac shows (including the recent Paris Expo), compatible with a wide range of car radios installed by some of the main car manufacturers (Alfa Romeo Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Fiat, Land Rover, Maserati, Mini, Porsche, Range Rover, Rover, SEAT, Skoda, Smart, Subaru, Volkswagen) but can be adapted to many third-party CD interfaces.

The interface cost of 149 euros. Further information is available on the Dension website.