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How to watch streaming video on the PS4 Console from the Mac

In order to see video techs from your Mac on the console PS4, you need to usePlex Media Server to install on the Mac and use the App Plex or browser of your PS4 to access the contents stored with Plex. If you don't know how to do it, keep reading and you'll find the procedure to watch instreaming videos on the PS4.

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How to configure Plex Media Server

Plex quite easy to configure and works with virtually any device, so it gives you many more options than just PS4. So let's get started!

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The only way to access support through the Web Plex interface, which can be accessed via the PS4 web browser. Now, the Plex team has released a complete application for the PS4, which works much better.


The Plex application certainly the best way to enjoy your media on the PlayStation 4. You can browse your TV and movie programs and Plex will show you all the information and metadata you can find on them – the description of the episode, year of publication, actors, etc. I will also show you the covers of the shows or films that you add with a perfect integration.

To watch ivideo instreaming from your Mac using the Plex application, you need a subscription for a Plex Pass. The prices for the Plex Pass are from 4.99 per month, 39.99 per year and 149.99 for a lifetime subscription.

The Plex App downloadable from the Store on your PS4. Once downloaded, open the application and you are offered the possibility to combine or access. Once logged in you should be able to view the entire library and access it from the PS4.

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Sometimes the instreaming videos may refuse to show up, or you should show the sound but not the video. The good news is that there is a solution if you encounter these problems. Just follow these steps to solve the problem:

We hope that this will solve all the problems you have with the instreaming videos. However, keep in mind that the PlayStation 4 is not compatible with all video formats, so not all videos can be seen.