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How to view song lyrics in Apple Music

view lyrics songs in Apple Music

Do you remember the lyrics of that Beatles song that you like so much and would like to sing it behind the music? If you have an iPhone and you can't remember the words of your favorite songs anymore, starting from iOS 10 it's no longer necessary to look elsewhere for the lyrics. To hum after the songs, you have an excellent function integrated in Music from iOS that allows you to read the lyrics of the song while it is being performed on your iOS device. Find out how to display song lyrics on your iPhone while a song is playing.

How to display song lyrics in Apple Music

With AppleMusica in iOS, the millions of songs lyrics are now available directly within the application. Below we offer two different methods that will allow you to view song lyrics while the songs are running on both iPhone and iPad without having to go and search on Google.

Display music lyrics: 1 method

Using the first method, open Apple Music on your iPhone e choose your song to listen to by clicking on the song. After you start playing the song, open the screen "Running?By clicking on the running bar at the bottom of the screen. Apple has redesigned the "Running" screen to make it easy to control songs, but if you don't know, some features are hidden like the play button. Random, Repeat and the option Text. To view the text of the current song, scroll up on the screen ?Running?And comparirilText of the song you are listening to.

Text on Apple Music

Now you can read the text as the app plays the song. You can scroll through the text while the song is playing, or scroll back to use the playback controls. You will notice that the "Show / Hide" preference will be remembered in the altribranes, so the next time you listen to a song, just scroll up on the "Running" screen to see the text, without having to tap the "Show" button. By clicking on Hide, you will see the queue of the other tracks instead of the text.

Display text of music tracks: 2 method

You can view the text of the song using a second method, choosing the one that is most convenient for you. Once again you have to go to the screen "Running". Instead of scrolling upwards, touch the three dots of the men in the lower right corner.

view text in Apple music

The full screen menu allows you to perform some functions like adding the song to the Apple Music library, starting a radio station based on the song, or sharing a song. At the bottom of the list you will also find the song text button. Click on "Text?To reveal the lyrics of the song in full screen on a transparent background. Touch "end"Top right to close the text and return to the screen"Running".

Are the texts all viewable?

Unfortunately, not even Apple can do everything. While the company boasts 50 million songs on its Apple Music service, the lyrics are not available for all songs.

Therefore, if you are listening to a song and do not see the button "Text"In one of the positions shown above, this means that the text of that track is not currently available. However, if you manually sync music from iTunes to your iOS device, you can add custom lyrics to a suiTunes song, which will be displayed on your device instead of texts provided by Apple's servers.

If you do not have an Apple Music subscription, on the official website you will be able to activate it free for three months by choosing to subscribe or suspend the service at the end of the trial period. The plans are different, from the one for students, to the individual to the family. Find all the information and prices at this link.