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How to update Samsung firmware with Odin

update Samsung firmware with Odin

Before starting our guide to using Odin for update Samsung firmware, I would immediately recommend a guide on the different ways to update an Android device. What we present below is one of Samsung's official methods to update an Android device. It is one of the most widely used by a band of geek users, because it allows for a vast number of cases including updates with modified roms.

LINK | How to update Android on etablet smartphone

Why update Samsung firmware with Odin

Installing the Samsung firmware with Odin is not the most used way to do it. This method is used only if you want to remove root permissions or reinstall an official firmware using a custom ROM. Odin can also be used if you want to install the firmware of another country on your device. In these cases, you must always be careful that the firmware you are installing is the one compatible with your phone model. We cannot be held responsible for any damage that the process may cause to your device if you install a non-compatible ROM with it, so proceed at your own risk.

Does the Samsung phone shut down suddenly, block applications or have bugs? If you wish to solve these problems, it may be time to update your Samsung device's firmware. Just like changing the oil or rotating the tires, updating Samsung firmware on your phone can help it work smoothly and more efficiently.

The advantages of the firmware upgrade include:

  • new features
  • Security Patch
  • Updated hardware features
  • and so on

Now let's take a look at how you can use Odin to update your Samsung firmware. After seeing why use the Odin tool, but now it comes natural to ask: what is Odin?

What is Odin?

Odin a Samsung software that appeared on the internet a few years ago. It allows you to install firmware and future updates directly on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Samsung Odin the flashing ROM tool for SAMSUNG Android smartphones and tablets. Including Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S8 etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Odin is a very powerful tool and must be used very carefully. If Odin falls into the wrong hands or you are not careful in its use, it can cause very serious damage to the phone. In technical terms, it can send the phone to "bricked" making it unusable. So I advise you to be very careful when using it.

Odin can also be useful when you accidentally messed up an installation, and using this tool, you can restore your phone by installing the original firmware and fixing all the problems.

What you need to update Samsung firmware

To use this method to update Samsung firmware, you need two things:

  1. Odin – tool to install Samsung Android smartphone
  2. Flash firmware – the latest Samsung firmware update for your device

How to update Samsung firmware using Odin

  1. Download toolOdin 3.13.1 to your PC (old devices may have difficulty using this version of Odin).
  2. Extract the content from Odin on your computer.
  3. Download the latest firmware for your Samsung device from HERE.
  4. IMPORTANT! Samsung Kies not compatible with Odin. You need to make sure that Kies is not running on your computer's taskbar. It is recommended to uninstall Kies before using ODIN.
  5. On the computer, download and install Samsung USB Drivers.
  6. With the device turned off, press Power key + Volume Gi + Hometo access the Download mode. (If this key combination doesn't work, just use Google Device name + Download mode).
  7. Connect the phone to the PC with the USB cable.
  8. Right click on Odin 3.12.3 and click "run as an administrator".
  9. Something similar will appear:Odin "width =" 702 "height =" 495 "srcset =" // 1024w, // wp-content / uploads / 2017/07 / Odin-30-150x106.jpg 150w, // 300w, // www. 768w, // 100w, // 640w, // .jpg 980w, // 1069w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 702px) 100vw, 702px "/></li>
<li>There is a section called <strong>ID: COM</strong> (on the upper left side of the window). The empty space below will turn blue if the device has been recognized. (If the phone is not recognized, make sure you have installed the USB drivers).</li>
<li>Click on "<strong>AP</strong>?And add the file <strong>.tar.md5</strong> from the firmware archive.</li>
<li><strong>IMPORTANT!</strong> Do not place anything under the section <strong>PIT</strong> and make sure that "<strong>Re-partizion</strong>"Is NOT selected. (On the left side the new partition will appear under the Option tab).</li>
<li>When the firmware file is loaded, you can press <strong>START</strong> to perform the installation.</li>
<li>Do not touch the USB cable while the firmware is being installed.</li>
<li>In the end you will see a message that says "<strong>PASS</strong>?On a green background. This means that the installation was successful. The device should now restart and work with the new firmware.</li>
<p>Once again, be careful when performing the Samsung firmware update process using Odin. Read the instructions carefully before touching the phone. Make sure you understand all the risks associated with installing the firmware on your Samsung phone using Odin. I suggest you also read the guide to install the Samsung firmware with Kies:</p>
<p>Update Samsung firmware with Samsung Kies | LINK</p>
<p>If you have trouble updating Samsung firmware using Odin or have used another method that works better, let us know in the comments below.</p>