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How to turn photos into paintings

Cewe1 canvas

Transforming your digital photographs into paintings today is very simple thanks to the online printing services in poster format that allow you to order conveniently from the web prints in large sizes and on many different media: the result will surprise you, your photo will become a work of art.

The final yield depends on the substrate on which you decide to print: in addition to different types of paper, it is possible for example to print the photographs on real canvas that is stretched on a wooden frame, which makes the picture robust and easy to hang.

You can also print the photo on materials once used only in the professional field such as forex, plexiglass or aluminum. The printing of adhesive posters is also original: the photograph is reproduced on an adhesive PVC film.

Online Order

Thanks to these online services you can also compose photo collages on a single print or use preset formats. An example? The poster printing service of Cewe allows mosaic printing: with this technology the photo is broken down into several parts which are then hung at a distance of a few centimeters for a very original effect.

Poster printing can be ordered directly online at Cewe or you can install the order software downloadable from the site through which you can also order photo books, calendars, personalized greeting cards, stickers and photo gifts.

The software allows you to quickly compose photo collages and customize printing even with texts. Once the order has been placed, the picture will be sent home at least a week after being packed: it will be a satisfaction to see it hung every day on your house walls.

Cewe1 software

From today until the end of 2014 you can try the poster and canvas printing service offered by Cewe using one of the discount vouchers reserved for our readers:

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