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How to transform the WhatsApp web app into an app for Windows

After months of waiting finally also Whatsapp has released its application to be able to send messages from the PC. Unlike its direct competitor Telegram, WhatsApp has not released an app to be installed on the PC, but a WhatsApp web app, ie an application that opens directly on the Internet to start by accessing the site of the Chrome browser. In this guide we will show you how to transform the WhatsApp web app into an app to be launched by clicking on its icon.

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NOTE: this procedure is compatible only with Windows and Linux operating systems. Currently not supported Mac OS X.

Procedure to transform WhatsApp web app into app

  • Start the Chrome browser on your PC.
  • Access the website.
  • Go to the Chrome settings (via the 3 horizontal bars at the top right).
  • Search for and select the item Other Tools and subsequently Application shortcut.
  • Among the different options you can choose whether to create an icon to be placed on the desktop or not.

At this point, to start the WhatsApp chat on the PC, it will be sufficient to double-click on the icon just created and access by having the QR code read on the smartphone.