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How to start Android applications from your browser on PC and Mac

manymoTo start applicationsAndroid on the PC or Mac you will surely know Bluestacks that we talked about in depth on this site. Bluestacks an Android emulator to download to your computer and install it to be able to start any Android app. Now I want to talk to you about another way to use an Android app on your computer without installing any programs. It's called Manymo and can be used via the web, activating aemulate Android from the Browser.

With this method you will be able to use the operating system of the green robot to execute the .apk, the application packages of Android, directly from the browser of PC Windows or Mac. You do not need to install any application but simply click on the Manymoe website to register for free at the service. Now you just need to download the .apk of the applications you want to use and upload them through the web interface of the site, which allows you to also choose the execution resolution and if you prefer, the version smartphone or Tablet.

With the free base registration to the site you will be able to start a maximum of 10 applications a month, while with a monthly subscription of 49 $ or 199 $ you can start, respectively, 1000 and 10,000 applications in a month. Try it and let us know!